I started Rebekah Gough Jewelry about three years ago after attending a conference with Bob Goff who gave each of the participants five bucks and offered a challenge to do something with the money to love someone in a tangle way. 

I took my four young kids to the craft store and with that five dollars bought some inexpensive beads and findings and came home and put together some earrings and decided to sell them to some friends, through my blog to raise money for Bob and his non-profit, Restore International. 

We ended up selling several hundred dollars worth of the earrings and it showed me that doing a little with what you’ve been given can produce something bigger than you ever imagined so I decided to take a bit of the money and re-invest it in some nicer wire and gemstones and opened up my first shop online in the Spring of 2015. Also I got a chance to give Bob a bag of 500 five dollar bills a little over a year later and his joy and laughter in that moment was one I will never forget!

Rebekah Gough Jewelry started out of a little nudge and reminder that whatever we have to offer can always be multiplied if we are faithful to take action and just start somewhere. It’s grown into a full on dream come true. 

Each of our pieces are designed with the hope that they resonate deeply with the wearer and represent the things woman want to keep closest to their heart. We also donate a plate of food through Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission with every single purchase and support the Dressember campaign raising money to help end the crisis of human trafficking. 

And the vision is just getting started. By supporting our brand know that you are literally providing jobs and money that will continue to trickle down into tangle love in action. 


Rebekah Gough